How I went from an Engineer to Writing Options

It’s been a long time since I last wrote a story on my medium page. This post tells you my story of how I started writing options on the stock market.

After graduating with my Computer Science(CS) degree from NIT-Trichy I got a full time job at PayPal in 2019. From the time I joined college till graduation I was very excited about my course and kept exploring all sorts of fields in CS. I finally found that I enjoyed Data Structures and Algorithms(DSA) way more than rest of the subjects that the course offered. I mean it’s evident that my interest was DSA from my posts on this page.

After I joined my full time job from July 2019 . Things changed drastically. Everyone is glad they are out of the competition so naturally people start chilling out. I had seperated myself from all the distractions. I was very keen on playing online games, so I started playing with all the free time I had.

Why didn’t I continue doing DSA competitions on various platforms, you may ask. I did actually. For 2–3 months. But the environment around me had changed. Nobody around me was as interested in DSA like I was. And when you think about it, why should you be? Unless of course you are thinking about switching your job. But we have only just joined. So I couldn’t find anyone that I could share this interest with. Naturally I started doing lesser and lesser of DSA and started gaming more.

Almost a year went by. 2020 starts and within 3 months office closed. Fast forward another 5 months I shift back to my parents house. At this point I was wandering aimlessly thinking about switching jobs or careers. Whether or not I should pursue for further studying etc.

One day I decided to check stocks that were being vested at PayPal. When I joined the stock was at 100–120 USD. The stock doubled when I checked my account. It was at 230USD plus. I realised then that there is real potential in this. Thats a 100% increase in value. While I did nothing the whole year.

I was aware of the stock market but its potential was unaware to me. My parents were day traders and not long term investors. So I decided that I will also start investing. And then my journey began. Fast forward 4 months I am very profitable and I am able to generate 2.5x times my monthly salary at PayPal.

I will write about what my journey was like in those 4 months soon. If you are eager to know soon. Let me know in the comments 😛

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